Take time to think of others

There is never a time of the year when we shouldn’t take a moment to think of those among us who are not as fortunate as we.

At this time of year, with the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas, it becomes easy to go beyond the thinking stage. We can help them by participating in programs sponsored by the Share food pantry.

We can, as Share suggests, collect food at our businesses or even sponsor a holiday party for Share.

We can donate gift cards or even donate money to defray the cost of food baskets for needy neighbors.

Last year, SHARE helped 426 local families with holiday food and gifts. That is quite a remarkable number, remarkable in that it is sad that so many families in our area need help. We are a nation of wealth, a nation of plenty, yet some have little or nothing.

All we can do is what we can to help and that is why organizations like Share, or the Open Cupboard Pantry in Wilton, exist.

So, let’s get involved. The first step is to contact Share, either via email at holiday@sharenh.org, or at 673-9898, or visit www.sharenh.org.

We know that this is the season for family, and nothing is more important than that, but it doesn’t take much for us to become involved with an extended family — the family of Share, where a little can go a long way.