Re-opening road is a good idea

Let’s have a round of applause for the Milford selectmen, who have launched the idea of reopening an entrance to Jones Road from Elm Street/Route 101A.

It is an idea that will strike joy into the hearts of people coming from Wilton or Lyndeborough or Greenfield with an eye toward going to Market Basket or to the doctors’ offices on Jones Road because it will save not only time but, if their timing is a bit off, frustration.

Right now, people heading in that direction face two traffic lights – the one leading from Elm Street to the bypass, the other from the bypass onto Savage Road – before getting to turn onto Jones and, finally, into the Market Basket parking lot or the lot for the tire store or the doctors’ offices.

Often the lights are fine because, of course, you can turn right on red, but if the driver times it wrong, if the driver decides to head that way around 8 in the morning, well … Believe it or not, there can be traffic backups.

No, it’s not the entrance to the George Washington Bridge at 8 a.m., but it can be annoying. Who isn’t annoyed by a red light, especially a red light followed by a red light? Ah, but if Jones Road were to be reopened …

Jones is that road you can see only if you’re looking fairly hard, but easier to spot if you know that it is on the other side of the railroad tracks and sealed off by a silver metal barrier and a big moving van. Check it out the next time you drive that way, especially if you’re on your way to Jones Road. Then think about how nice it would have been if you had been able to make that right and go across the tracks onto the road.

Now it is true that people turning right onto the bypass aren’t technically blocked by the light because even when it’s red, folks can turn. Unless, of course, it is “rush hour,” such as it is around here, and the traffic is blocked up at a red light at the bypass/Phelan Road intersection.

And, no, you usually don’t have to wait long but why wait if you don’t have to? Why waste gas? Why pollute the air more than necessary?

If Jones Road is reopened, you could turn right, then turn left and, bingo, you’re at the doctors’ offices or, a little further, at Market Basket.

Oh, and you could even easily access Savage Road: You see, once you cross the tracks and get onto Jones, you don’t turn left, you just continue to go straight and you intersect with Savage. And from there? Why, who knows? First star on the right and straight on ‘til morning? Probably not that, but there are lots of places to go from there.

So, applause to the Milford selectmen for coming up with this idea,and we hope that the town’s Traffic Safety Committee will act upon it with dispatch.