Milford students are essay winners

Here’s just one example of how well Milford High School teachers are doing:

Recently, two students won prizes in the state Constitution Day Essay Contest.

Kayla Bullwinkel won the overall state award.

Megan Hammes won the Telegraph Award.

The Telegraph sponsored their essays that went up against those submitted by hundreds of students.

Good job, students, good job teachers.

Oh, yes: And good job, parents, too, because parents play a big part in the success of students and teachers.

By the way, the subject chosen for the essay contest was cyberbullying, a subject we wish had absolutely no relationship to today’s America but which is all too prevalent. So it was a good subject to choose.

And this wasn’t just a simple task, not one in which a student could just write that cyberbullying was bad. No, the kids had to write about the conflict between our right to free speech and cyberbulling and the schools’ roles in refereeing those rights. The key, as cited by Bullwinkel in her essay, is the Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court case in which the court ruled in 1969 that schools can’t prevent student speech or activities that don’t “materially and substantially disrupt or interfere” with education.

That’s a pretty fine line to walk, but Bullwinkel obviously did it.

A great job.