Beauty through the winter storm

Think back two weeks:

You had no power.

If you were lucky, or smart, you had a generator.

But you probably were still cold.

But at least once during the day, when you were out in the car, when you could focus on something other than your fury at PSNH, you looked around you and you saw …


Snow covered everything and in the distance, up on a ridge, you could see the snow decorating trees and you thought:

“It’s beautiful, just beautiful.”

We cannot escape the problems of winter in New Hampshire. We can mitigate it somewhat, with ugly, noisy generators, but we can’t escape, never escape.

Neither, though, can we ignore the beauty.

You can rave about the beauty of autumn with its colorful trees but nothing, we think, matches the beauty of a New Hampshire winter.

Of course, that is a bit like saying, “Wow, the Bengal tiger is a gorgeous animal” as it removes your arm, but there you have it. Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it is kind.

But as we move on from this latest debacle and prepare, as best we can, for the next one, let us not ignore, nor forget, the beauty that goes with them.