Limbaugh has issue with Bond

OK, this is just dumb:

Rush Limbaugh has opined that because the actor Idris Elba is black, he should not play James Bond.

Oy, is that dumb.

Wait. Rush Limbaugh said something dumb? Gee whiz.

Here’s the thing:

James Bond doesn’t exist. Never did. He’s a work of fiction. Idris Elba, who does exist, is an actor. He has played many parts, the best known is that of Stringer Bell, the incredibly likeable drug king on “The Wire.” Stringer Bell, like James Bond, was a fictional character but in the world of Rush Limbaugh – and what a world it must be – it was OK for Elba to play Bell because (drum roll) they’re both black.


Suppose Stringer Bell had been developed as a white character. Would Limbaugh object to Elba playing him them? Unlikely.

But James Bond? Well, that’s different.

Why? We have no idea.

We once saw the Boston Ballet production of “Romeo and Juliet” in which the actor playing Romeo was black. Fortunately, Rush Limbaugh was not in the audience.