The 2016 political fun is already beginning

Some of the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 are already giving conventional party leaders the fits and that means a fun primary season which, if you haven’t noticed, has already begun and there’s still a year before our first in the nation primary.

Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz: They’re all going their own way, and the first two refused to attend the annual meeting of party leaders, perhaps only because it was in Hershey, Penn., which might be reason enough, or perhaps because it was a nose-thumbing in the direction of staid leaders like Mitch McConnell. Cruz went, but he also headlined a rival gathering, thus getting the best, or worst, of both GOP worlds.

It is, though, nice to see GOP hopefuls setting their own agendas. It will give us a better idea of who they really are, not who the party wants them to be.

Unless, of course, it just gives us a better idea of who they want us to think they are when they’re really not.

Which, of course, brings us to Chris Christie who clearly is who he is, or what he is, and doesn’t seem to care how it plays. That’s actually refreshing.

Unless, like most people in New Jersey, you loathe the Dallas Cowboys and their owner, Jerry Jones, whom Christie hugged after a playoff game. Hey, it was real, at least.

And with the possible return of Mitt Romney, well … Well what? Is he even a viable candidate? Jeb Bush offers much of the Romney mantra without the baggage of having lost.

Frankly, we hope everybody gets into the primary race. Bring back Jon Huntsman, bring back Rick Santorum … He is back? Really? That’s not just somebody kidding around? Wow.

Well, given that, it does look as if everyone will eventually get in. Can Herman Cain be far behind?