Combat cabin fever, indoors

If John Lennon had lived in New Hampshire, the words to his song “Instant Karma” might have been a bit different, as in:

“Cabin fever gonna get you;

“Gonna knock you off your feet …”

Well, if it hasn’t gotten you yet, be patient. There’s still lots of winter left and, with lots of winter, the probability of more snow and more snow means more time when you’re tempted to stay indoors and that, of course, leads to cabin fever.

Our story last week pointed out some of the things you can do in the great New Hampshire outdoors but we want to remind you that in winter especially it’s a good idea to remember your local library. Sure, if you go to a program at the library, you’re not doing “great outdoors” things but they do get you out of the house (assuming they’re not postponed because of snow) and they do get you among people and that’s important. Human interaction is a huge element in battling cabin fever and the anticipation of more winter, more winter, more winter.

We often carry listings of events at our local libraries, as we did last week, and there were many interesting programs.

Tonight, for instance (Feb. 19) there’s “The White Women of the Black Renaissance” at the Amherst Town Library and next week, at the same place, “The Art of the Harlem Renaissance.” These programs will do more than get you out of the house; they sound interesting and educational.

In Wilton there’s a new group, the Stony Brook Poetry Group that begins meeting on Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. Even if you don’t love poetry now, you might after getting out among those who do.

The Wadleigh Memorial Library in Milford always has something going on. On Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m. for instance, the library will hold its Acoustic Cafe featuring the bluegrass group Hot Mustard.

In Mont Vernon, there’s the Pins and Needles group for crafters that welcomes adults and kids older than age 8.

See? Cabin fever is very real but there are lots of things to help you fight it, indoors and outside. Keep an eye on The Cabinet for more ideas.