Achievements worthy of praise

It is endemic, this deification of sports. Nationally and locally, we love our sports teams.

Especially, of course, when they win. Oh, when they win we put ‘em on the front page, we glorify their exploits, we glory in their exploits. Glory, glory our sports teams.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Really, there isn’t. Sports, particularly on the youth and high school level, can be (should be) important methods of teaching and motivation, making kids better players and, as leagues always say, better people. That’s the theory and it’s not unreasonable. But …

Too often we forget that there are kids who are not involved in sports but who are no less glorious, who are no less involved in something that, while it doesn’t involve a ball, is equally challenging and rewarding and worthy of our notice and praise.

That’s why we were glad to see the governor of New Hampshire in Milford recently to honor the high school’s We the People Constitution team that once again won the state championship.

Their state title is equal to any state title won by a football team or a lacrosse squad or any sports team because, just like sports, it involved team work and just plain hard work.

An interesting fact about the governor’s visit: Three of the staff members who accompanied Gov. Maggie Hassan are graduates of Milford High School and participated on the Constitution team – Amber Barbagallo, Paxton Delano, and Jillian Joyce. Pretty neat.

Gov. Hassan saluted the Milford kids on the current team and we, too, salute them.