With apologies to Dr. Seuss

April is National Poetry Month,

and we all love poetry a big, whole bunth.

We read it at breakfast, we read it at lunth,

if you say you don’t like it we’ll think you’re a dunth.

We read it on buses, we read it on planes,

we read in our cars and we read it on trains.

We read it so much we’ve got rhymes in our brains.

We’ve poetry blood running all through our veins.

This month you can even create your own poem.

A couplet or two can add up to a tome.

You can write it in school, you can write it at home,

You can write it in Dallas or Denver or Nome.

Whatever you do, though, oh please make it rhyme,

for poems that don’t rhyme are like words to a mime.

It should also have meter that keeps perfect time.

You do something else and we’ll deem it a crime.

So hurry, get busy, for April’s begun.

You’d better start writing, go sit in the sun

and jot down sometime brilliant or just something fun.

It’s Poetry Month, so get cracking, my son.