Sen. Paul makes move to center

Once upon a time, a young boy (supposedly) walked up to Shoeless Joe Jackson who had been banned from baseball because of his role in the Black Sox scandal and said, “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

Which is what we say to Sen. Rand Paul who appears to be trying to move to that great, apocryphal middle rather than maintain his status as King of All Libertarians: Say it ain’t so, Rand.

Because a move to the middle would make him … well, gosh, just like everybody else. Even like Rick Perry? Yes, even like Rick Perry.

You see, when he was in Milford, Sen. Paul neglected to mention his opposition to requiring vaccinations for children and his opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion (except, he said, in some cases where the woman’s health is in jeopardy. What a guy.)

These are controversial issues, although they shouldn’t be, and Sen. Paul, in Milford last week, neglected to meet them head on because in the middle, you don’t meet anything head on.

On PBS’s “News Hour” last week, one of the panelists posited that Paul was moving to the center because Libertarians can’t win a Republican primary and he wants to win, win, win, so, center, here he comes.

And moving to the center will make him less attractive to people who like their candidates to actually stand for something and really mean it.

In the center, you just kind of kick things around and never actually say anything of substance and it’s really better if you don’t hold any beliefs at all.