Our pumpkins never spoil

We weren’t really worried about the potential for problems at Milford’s annual Pumpkin Festival. We are not Keene, we’re happy to say, and there have never been any problems in the past.

Still, it was good to see the comments in last week’s Cabinet from Wendy Hunt, head of the Milford Improvement Team, which puts on our festival, who said the local event is mostly a family one and not likely to attract the kind of crowds that spoiled the most recent Keene festival.

And not just spoiled it. Recently, the Keene City Council said it would not give a 2015 license to the city’s festival after a quarter century of welcoming it to the city. An alcohol-fueled riot, involving mostly students at Keene State College, put an end to that.

According to Hunt, police in Milford have zero tolerance for drunken behavior, something for which we should all be grateful. The Milford festival was always seen as, and has always been a family friendly affair and as Keene proved, too much booze sets that concept on fire.

We know it’s early, but you might want to think about planning your visit to Milford’s Pumpkin Festival. It’s going to be fun, as always, and, as always, it’s going to be safe.