Bombs for fun? Can’t be, right

We live in a strange, strange world. Witness, if you will, this from state Trooper Jeffrey Dade who was involved in the investigation of four bombs found in a driveway in Lyndeborough:

He told The Cabinet that such homemade bombs are pretty typical all around New Hampshire at this time of the year and that most likely the offender was a juvenile or young adult who intended it for thrills, not injury.

Juvenile? Well, yes, in at least two definitions of the word.

Young adult? We would object to the latter word, given that one of its dictionary definitions is “mature and sensible; not childish.”

Well, any nitwit who would plant four homemade bombs in someone’s driveway is hardly mature and certainly not sensible.

Childish? No, this goes beyond childish.

Now Trooper Dade is probably right in saying that no physical harm was meant but supposed harm was caused by accident? Would that lessen the crime, the utter stupidity, of the perpetrator?

Not in our book and certainly not in the book of anyone who might have been hurt.

There are pranks and there are pranks but planting a bomb goes beyond a prank. It falls into the realm of sociopathic behavior.

Oh, and yes, it should also fall into the realm of indictable behavior on, we hope, a vast variety of charges.

It’s a pity that stupidity isn’t against the law.