Milford High did good job on list issue

Officials at Milford High School did an excellent job dealing with what might have been a threat to harm students and teachers.

They reacted to a list allegedly concocted by an MHS student that could have been an indication that the student was targeting the people on that list. It isn’t exactly clear, but officials said that the student had said in the past that he wished harm to those on the list.

Milford High reacted quickly, but without panic, to remove the student from the school, inform the police, inform the student’s parents, and reassure the community. School officials did it competently and they did it clearly so everyone had, we believe, an understanding of what had transpired. We can ask for no more than that.

That they also notified mental health providers and mental health professionals, according to Principal Brad Craven, is an indication of their concern for the student whose list it apparently was. Rather than shun him, rather than said, “Good riddance, he’s out of the school,” they acted to get him help if he needs it. Excellent.

And praise, too, to the Milford student who somehow found the list online and brought it to the attention of the school. We don’t know how the student came upon the list, we don’t know what the student initially thought of it, but the fact that he didn’t ignore it speaks to that student’s common sense and concern for his school community.

But, really, if you’d had any interaction with the Milford High community, this reaction should be of little surprise. It is a calm place, it seems to us.

And that’s good, especially when a situation such as this arises.

Now as to such situations: How are we to consider them? Certainly this incident in Milford is nothing new. We hear of such things around the country and sometimes, horribly, it goes beyond the mere making of a list.

But why? What has changed in our world to drive people, many of them young, to want to do so much harm to others?

Yes, social media makes it easier to hate and to lash out in hatred, but is that really an answer? We really have no idea.

Fortunately, though, responsible people understand that we have to be vigilant and ensure that someone who makes a list has no chance to do anything more.