A campaign suggestion

Whenever presidential candidates come to New Hampshire, the all go to the same places.

They go to Joey’s Diner, they go to the Red Arrow Diner, they go to various local industries, they give speeches at the VFW, the Legion. They all go to the same places.

We, of course, have a suggestion and we suggest this to either party and any candidate:

Hold a rally on the little town common in Lyndeborough. Yes, yes, we know: The former editor of this paper lives in Lyndeborough so he must have an agenda. Such as? More business for the Village Store from national reporters scoring all the beer and store-made sandwiches? Well, perhaps, if the former editor got a cut, but …

No, the idea is twofold:

1. It would be DIFFERENT. The park is cute, it has some interesting monuments and it has a cannon. Granted, the cannon doesn’t work, but the Lafayette Artillery could bring down their cannon which does work and a good time could be had by all. Well, all who like cannons.

2. The national press coverage would be enormous because reporters would be asking:

A. Where the heck are we?

B. Where’s the Starbucks?

C. Why is he/she here?

D. Has any candidate ever come here?

E. Where the heck are we?

And the candidate could say:

“Clearly, I mean to be the president of all the people, even those who live in towns that no candidate has ever visited and that no candidate will probably ever visit again. But these folks are just as important as the folks in Manchester or Nashua or Concord. Their votes count the same, their needs and concerns are the same, and their love of country is the same. That’s why I’m here. Now, where’s the Starbucks?”

And it doesn’t have to be Lyndeborough (although the town does have two cannons, one of which works). It could be Mont Vernon.

We’re telling you, and the candidates: National press as people all over the country will be asking:

“Where they heck are you?”