Get thee to the Taste of Milford and the art show

Milford is often a fun place but this weekend, it will be even more fun as the Milford Improvement Team presents its Taste of Milford on Friday and then a two-day arts showcase on Saturday and Sunday.

You should go.

And you should take the kids.

You see, in the last decade or so, there has been much talk about how our kids spend far too much time in the house, or the apartment, on computers or whatever other gadgets they might have, zapping orcs or enemy soldiers or just tweeting back and forth, which is fine exercise for their hands and probably great for their thumbs but it doesn’t do much for their minds.

That, of course, is where the art part of the weekend comes in. Introducing kids to art is tricky, of course, because they often find it boring, just looking at pictures. Tough. Take them anyway, because you can’t know, until many years later, what seeing the work of creative people might have sparked. No, Johnny might not be the next Matisse or Jenny the next Diane Arbus but … well, one can’t be sure.

But they’ll never be one or the other or both if they know nothing about the discipline. To love art you have to be introduced to art. Madden 27, or whatever number it is now, isn’t going to do it, nor is Grand Theft Auto. At least we hope not.

And at the Taste of Milford on Friday night, you have the chance to introduce the kids to the kinds of food you might not make at home. And kids need to challenge their palates as much as they need to challenge their minds. Chicken tenders aren’t the be all and end all of culinary existence, we hope.

We aren’t sure exactly what each participating chef will serve and that’s part of the charm and adventure of the evening. You won’t know until you get there.

And you should get there.

And Johnny and Jenny should get there with you. It will do them no harm and might do them a world of good. Imagine Jenny as the next Julia Child and Johnny as the next Paul Prudhomme and all because you took them to the Taste of Milford.

How proud you’ll be. And you’ll never lack for interesting meals.