CVS thinks of Milford

Oh, joy. Another drug store company is thinking about opening a store in Milford. Let’s see, we already have three Rite Aid stores and a Walgreens but, what the heck, let’s get a CVS into town, too, and see how it does.

No, of course we’re not opposed to CVS coming. We’re not opposed to any business moving to any of our towns. It’s just that sometimes, we have a hard time understanding the business plan. Three Rite Aid stores and a Walgreens are already here, so what makes CVS think another pharmacy can be successful? We are not, of course, privy to their demographic studies, which we’re certain that they have, so perhaps they see an under served, pharmacy-needy group of people that can’t find their way to one of the other four drug stores. Who knows?

It would be different were it a vastly different kind of drug store but how can any drug store be vastly different from any other? Well, vastly cheaper drugs would be a nice start, but somehow that seems unlikely.

As an example of a business similar to already existing businesses that seems to be successful we give you the Union Coffee Co. on South Street. When it first opened, one could have posited, well, we have an awful lot of places to get coffee, so how can this possibly succeed? By not being like all the other places which are more eateries than coffee shops in what is now something of a classic description.

The Union Coffee Co. concentrates on coffee and everything else, while nice, is secondary. You can get a breakfast sandwich, but you’re not going to get waffles or a short stack and that’s fine. They seem to have a good niche catering to people who like coffee shops, like A&E down the road, and who aren’t interested in two over easy with bacon and white toast.

Somehow, though, we don’t see CVS differentiating itself from the other four pharmacies in the way Union Coffee Co. differentiated itself from the existing places where one could get, and still can get, coffee.

And while we’re on the subject of being different, how, then, does the cafe that recently opened at the Toadstool Bookshop in Milford’s Lorden Plaza fare? Remember, it, too, is going up against existing businesses. We think it will fare well if the success of the cafe in the Peterborough Toadstool is anything by which to judge. Browse for books, get some coffee, read a book you bought. That’s a pretty good combination.

We wish CVS the best not because we care particularly how CVS fares in the great world of business, but because any new business is good for a town and good for taxpayers.

So, c’mon in, CVS. The pool’s a little crowded but …