Fans of Preston and good causes

While we are by no stretch of the imagination fans of American Idol, we are fans of folks who do really nice things for others which makes us fans of Alex Preston.

The Mont Vernon native was, as many of you undoubtedly know, an Idol runner-up and while that is a pretty big accomplishment, what he is doing this Friday and Saturday is, to us, something bigger.

Preston will be the first major act at the Pasta Loft’s new musical venue in Milford and while that’s pretty cool, because any new musical venue is pretty cool, the fact that proceeds from the sale of Alex Preston merchandise will go to the Tucker family is even better.

You might recall that Kyle and Chad Tucker, of Milford, died last winter, leaving four children ages 7 to 22. While the kids have gotten help from others in the area, including a benefit party at the VFW a few weeks ago, having Preston step in to help brings a greater awareness of their need.

That is one of the benefits of celebrity, but it is only a benefit if the celebrated person does something more than bask in it. Clearly, Preston is the sort of young man who is willing to use his celebrity to help others.

Good for him.

And now you can help, too, by attending one of the Pasta Loft concerts and buying a bit of merchandise. You’ll be helping the family and you’ll also be helping a local business and that’s important. Milford and surrounding towns live on local businesses, most of them small, some of them struggling. We don’t think that’s the case with Pasta Loft, but keeping it in business can only be good for the town.

And the fact that it’s expanding, especially by adding a music venue, is encouraging. So … go.