Lyndeborough needs new facility

In the last several years, towns have been taking hard looks at how their most essential services are housed. Milford is a good example: After years of discussion and several failed votes, the town finally built a new police station and then a new ambulance bay, both important and proper moves. Many years ago, Amherst made an important move and built a new safety complex, one that was desperately needed and that is still serving the community.

Now, for the third time, Lyndeborough has formed a committee to study its safety complex needs.

While we’re not sure why the committee was given two years to complete its study (that seems like a long time, especially since two other studies were made, so some information is already available), we think that the fact that Town Meeting agreed to front $5,000 to finance the study is an indication that voters are leaning toward agreeing that a new facility is needed.

The fire station is small and newer fire equipment is, relatively, big. The police station lacks holding space for prisoners.

The one action we hope doesn’t come up for consideration again is combining departments with Wilton, and we think the majority of Lyndeborough residents would agree. The town has an efficient fire department that can call upon nearby departments for help. And the police department seems to be operating at a high level under its relatively new chief. Why consider a “solution” that would take these operations out of the hands of local folks?

So, let’s assume that’s out. The big issues are:

1. Should the town build a new safety complex that would house police and fire services? Our answer is yes.

2. Where would it be located? To that, we have no answer but believe the committee, made up of a number of long-time residents, will come up with a clear answer.

While no official report is due until Town Meeting 2017, we trust that the committee will give some sort of preliminary report in March 2016.

Lyndeborough is generally very good about keeping people informed, so something will undoubtedly be discussed sooner rather than later. The folks who govern Lyndeborough these days are well aware that the more you involve the community, the more you tell them of your thoughts and plans, the better chance you have of getting them to agree.