Thumbing the Files for July 2, 2015

109 years ago, 1906

It was, said the paper, the universal verdict that Milford never had a qui­eter Fourth of July than in 1906. It was accounted for in part by the rain of the night before, which kept youngsters inside and under cover.

A grocery and meat market was planned for the corner of Middle and Putnam streets in Milford. But The Cabinet wondered if the town really needed another mercantile business "as much as some manufacturing en­terprise that will give employment to more people who will produce some­thing and put more money in circula­tion"

A forger wanted by, and fleeing, Wil­ton police was chased by two local workers, John Falconer and Harlan Holton. They swam the river in Wilton and captured the man and delivered him to the police.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terrien, of Milford, was severely in­jured in her hand by the explosion of a piece of dynamite that was carelessly left on the sidewalk by an older per­son.

70 years ago, 1945

Staff Sgt. William VonIderstine was granted a 15-day extension on his 30-day leave from White Sulpher Springs, W. Va.

The United Nations whipped its postwar peace organization into shape at San Francisco, with major respon­sibility for future stability devolving upon the Big Five – the U.S., Britain, Russia, France and China.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing "I’ll Remember April" with Gloria Jean, Kirby Grant and Milburne Stone. It was billed as "Man-hunting honeys on the howl of a prowl." The Town Hall Movies in Wilton ws show­ing "Since You Went Away" with Clau­dette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotton and Shirley Temple."

A full-page ad for war bonds asked "How long will it take to beat Japan?"

54 years ago, 1961

Attilio Macchi, chef and part owner of Tilio’s Restaurant in Milford, died from injuries suffered in a fall at the restaurant. He fell on the cellar stairs and apparently struck his head on a cement ridge at the bottom. An autop­sy showed he suffered a broken neck and severed spinal cord. The restau­rant was located on the Oval next to the Latchis Theatre.

A family reunion and cookout party for 50 was held at the home of Mrs. and Mrs. Richard Crocker in Amherst.

The Lake Whalom Playhouse in Fitchburg, Mass., was presenting "Bell Book and Candle" starring Ginger Rogers.

In his Sports Round-Up column, Nick Calvetti predicted that in Mil­ford Little League play, all four teams would battle for the top spot right down to the final week.

The Wilton Youth Center Commit­tee discussed plans to build two tennis courts at Goss Park.

24 years ago, 1991

The Milford School Board directed its two-member negotiating team to at­tempt to hold contract talks with the Milford Teachers Association in pub­lic. The decision was reached without a formal vote and met with little en­thusiasm from the board’s negotiators, Peter Basiliere and Ernest Barrett.

Senior Girl Scout Elizabeth Wich­man of Amherst developed illustrated and audio walking tours of Amhrst village that would be available at the town library.

The comedy "Educating Rita" opened at the American Stage Festi­val in Milford.

The Town Hall Theatre in Wilton was showing "Fantasia" and "Silence of the Lambs."

Paul Tsongas, former senator and Democratic presidential candidate, was to discuss "The New Economics for the ’90s" with the Milford-Amherst Chamber of Commerce.