Love wins across the United States

The headline on the MSN home page was:

"Mississippi digs in against same sex marriage ruling."

Well, of course it does.

Some people in Mississippi are still dug in against Brown vs. Board of Education and the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Some people in Mississippi undoubt­edly still think "We" shouldn’t have to go to school with "Them."

And when it comes to marriage, well, "traditional" marriage is what Missis­sippi wants. That and traditional divorce, one supposes.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling up­holding the right of gay men and women to marry whom they love was welcome news to the majority of Americans, espe­cially those who don’t live in Mississippi, the undying image of which is Gov. Ross Barnett standing in a school house door in an attempt to keep black children from going to school with decent, God-fearing WHITE Mississippi children. Perhaps that image is unfair 50 years after the governor embarrassed himself and his state, but given that Mississippi officials now want to stand firm against love, well, perhaps it’s not.

We have said many times in this space over the years that in a world filled with hate, why in heaven’s name should we be telling people it’s wrong to love those they love? Because we don’t like it? Too bad. Once upon a time it was against the law for a white person to marry a black person and we’re sure there are people, especially in Mississippi, who think it should still be against the law.

But it’s not, nor should it be.

And it is no longer against the law, even in Mississippi, for gay men to marry, for gay women to marry. And nothing bad will come of it. You will not divorce your husband or wife because two men have married. Your children will not suddenly decide they’d like to be gay because two women have married. It doesn’t work that way.

If you get a divorce, that’s on you, not on gay marriage.

If your son or daughter is gay, that’s not on anyone. It just is and, to paraphrase "Seinfeld," there’s nothing wrong with that.

For Mississippi, we have this from a song by Phil Ochs: "Mississippi find your­self another country to be part of."