Stop texting while driving

All right, dear readers, you’ve had more than a week to get used to the new law about the use of hand-held devices, i.e., phones, in your car so if you’re still driv­ing around texting or talking with your phone in your hand, well, then, you and a fence post have a great deal in common when it comes to the thought process.

It was never a good idea to talk and drive or to text and drive but now it’s not only not a good idea, it’s against a very intelligent, better-late-than-never law, so don’t do it.

If you do do it, we hope fervently that you get caught and fined. Perhaps then you won’t do it a second time. (Insert laughter here.)

Why are we, and perhaps you, laughing? Because of our history with laws against drunken driving. How many people here and across the nation have been arrested multiple times for DUI or DWI and keep driving? And never go to jail?

So we’re not exactly certain that the new hand-held law will absolutely stop texting or talking while driving. In fact, we’re pretty darn pessimistic about it.

Still, having a law in place gives police the chance to protect the public against people who think it’s just so amazingly safe to take their eyes off the road for those split seconds. Well, give them a summons, anyway.

Now we know there are people who be­lieve that drinking coffee and driving is not all that safe either, and they’re right. But at least you can sip the coffee and keep your eyes on the road. Unless, of course, you spill it into your lap and that could be an issue, especially if it’s hot, even lawsuit hot.

And tuning the radio and driving can be a little dangerous, too.

But nothing is as dangerous as tex­ting or talking while driving and now it’s against the law.

So, you’ve had more than a week to get used to it.

So get used to it already.