Thumbing the Files

99 years ago, 1906

The Grand Hotel in Mont Vernon had many more guests than the pre­vious year and its first hop was well-attended.

Thieves entered the cellar of the Or­cutt Sargent residence on South Street in Milford by way of the bulkhead and carried away about 14 cans of pre­served fruit. It was said by the paper to be the time of year when sneak thieves applied their vocation.

In news from around the world, it was reported that former President Gover Cleveland was ill at his Prince­ton, N.J., home, but was feeling better. His doctor said it was nothing serious, simply a case of indigestion.

Walter Billings, of Milford, was in Wilton to repair the town clock which stopped at midnight the night before July 4.

70 years ago, 1945

The War Department notified Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hutchinson of Mason Road, Milford, that their eldest son, Cpl. Theodore Hutchinson, 18, a Ma­rine, had been killed in action in the Okinawa battle.

Pf. George Kinball, 21, son of Oliver Kimball, of Brookline, formerly of Mil­ford, and the late Annie Kimball, was killed in action in the Okinawa battle, the War Department said.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing "Eadie Was a Lady" with Ann Miller. The Town Hall Movies in Wil­ton was showing "Adventures of Kitty O’Day" with Jean Parker and Peter Cookson, and "The Mummy’s Curse" with Lon Chaney.

Cpl. David Bianchi, of Milford, was with the occupation forces in Germa­ny.

54 years ago, 1961

Union Square (the Oval) in Milford was being dug up to place telephone lines underground and for the new wires necessary for the dial system that was to be operative in the spring of 1962.

A 70-pound orange and white dog be­longing to Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gib­son of Tater Road in Mont Vernon was struck and killed by a United States Air Force vehicle on Tater Road. The vehicle was from the tracking station in New Boston. It did not stop after hit­ting the dog, although neighbors from some distance away heard the dog’s yelps.

A large crowd attended a Wilton High School Band concert in Whiting Park. The band was directed by Ed­ward Hamilton.

A Wilton juvenile admitted to mak­ing false fire and police calls, as well as obscene calls received by various people in town. He was caught when a telephone operator recognized the party and a tracer was put on the call. Because of his youth, the juvenile only received a severe reprimand from the police.

The Town Hall Theater in Wilton was showing Sterling Hayden and Lou­is Calhern in "Asphalt Jungle."

24 years ago, 1991

The Lyndeborough home of William and Beverly Levesque on Route 31 was destroyed by a fire. The home was be­ing occupied by Scott and Kelly Par­ris who were visiting the Levesques in Florida at the time of the fire. The cause of the blaze was undetermined, according to Fire Chief Zeke Har­kleroad.

Huge increases in requests for pub­lic assistance convinced Milford wel­fare officer Patti Horne that her part-time position needed to be turned into a full-time job.

In an editorial about New Hamp­shire’s reliance upon the property tax to raise revenue, William B. Rotch wrote, "It is not pleasant to grow old in the home where you have spent your life, only to find your annual tax bill has escalated because other people have paid high prices for nearby land."

Peg Jones was named Amherst Citi­zen of the Year.

The Town Hall Theatre in Wilton was showing "Citizen Kane" and "The Nasty Girl."