Thumbing the Files

109 years ago, 1906

Our Mont Vernon correspondent wrote that one of the most difficult things to procure in the town was a suf­ficient supply of good milk and cream and suggested that someone start a proper dairy.

A black horse owned by C.D. Holt got loose and made its way to a grain chest and overate, in consequence of which he died. The horse was about 10 years old and valued at $300.

There was concern in Amherst about too much bicycle riding on town sidewalks and at least one taxpayer wanted local boys to be made aware of a local law against it.

George Proctor, The Cabinet’s Wil­ton correspondent, wrote that some­one with more gall than brains got an old bell and made a recent night hideous for all the residents near the hotel and Forest Street with their at­tempts at singing and shouting. Had there been night service on the local telephone, the police would have been notified.

70 years ago, 1945

Cartridges exploding in a closet at 1:30 in the morning warned Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bellew, of Milford, that their house was on fire.

Sgt. Karl Ricciardi, of Milford, was in Germany after fighting through France, Belgium and Germany. He had been overseas for 32 months.

T/Sgt. Fred Luongo, of Milford, mar­ried Miss Odette Bonafont of Paris, France, in Paris.

Mrs. Martha Heino, of Milford, was painfully injured at her home when a jar of raspberries exploded in her face. It was one of several jars of ber­ries just packed for preserves. It ex­ploded as she removed it from boiling water.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing "Chicago Kid" with Don Bar­ry, Lynne Roberts and Otto Kruger. It was billed as "the hectic drama of a good looking kid who took the wrong road."

The Town Hall Movies in Wilton was showing "Dancing in Manhattan" with Fred Brady and Jeff Donnell, and "Mark of the Whistler" with Richard Dix and Janis Carter.

54 years ago, 1961

Guy Draper, of Wilton, was to roll the first ball when Milford’s Bowlmor Lanes opened for business.

Marcel Gregoire, of Wilton, was one of two New Hampshire men selected to train for the Peace Corps.

"The Winter of Our Discontent" by John Steinbeck was one of several new books at the Amhrst library. On the nonfiction side were "The Dragon in the Kremlin" by Marvin Kalb, and "The Making of the President, 1960" by Theodore White.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Douglas and family, of Milford, moved back to his mother’s place in Lyndeborough. She was living with her sister in Green­field.

Burton Reynolds, of South Lynde­borough, was enjoying a week’s vaca­tion with his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Senftleber, in Shelburne, Vt.

In a swim meet held at Goss Park pool in Wilton, the local swimmers de­feated Milford, 101-68.

24 years ago, 1991

The Wilton and Amherst road races, two major showcases for local and na­tional runners, were canceled. Wilton was entering its 11th season, Amherst its 14th. Officials of both races blamed the economic downturn, which cost the races local and regional corporate sponsorhips.

David Sullivan, a partner in the Wil­ton law firm Cheever & Sullivan, was nominated by Gov. Judd Gregg to be­come a Superior Court judge.

Sgt. Patrick Dohert was promoted to lieutenant, and Officer Peter Lyon to sergeant, by the Amherst Police De­partment.

The Milford DriveIn Theatre was showing "101 Dalmations, "The Rock­eteer," "Problem Child 2" and "Back­draft."

Ulla Johnson, coach of the girls’ ten­nis team at Milford Area Senior High School for six highly successful sea­sons, resigned. Her teams won state championships in 1986 and ’88, and fin­ished second in ’87 and ’89.