We’re raining on their parade

We, too, love our women’s soccer team, the champions of the soccer world, and we’re thrilled that they are being feted all across this temporarily soccerenthused nation, including a tickertape parade in New York City, the height of fetes.

But we wonder where the fetes and the parades are for folks who win honors not associated with sports. When is the last time an American winner of the Nobel Prize got a tickertape parade?

President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and got no parade.

Nor did these winners of the Nobel Prize:

2013, Chemistry, Martin Karplus

2013, Chemistry, Michael Levitt

2013, Chemistry, Arieh Warshel

2014, Chemistry, Eric Betzig

2014, Chemistry, William E. Moerner

Or these:

2013, Economic Sciences, Eugene F. Fama

2013, Economic Sciences, Lars Peter Hansen

2013, Economic Sciences, Robert J. Shiller

When is the last time the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction got a tickertape parade?

In 2015, Julia Wolfe won a Pulitzer in music for "Anthracite Fields" described as "A powerful oratorio for chorus and sextet evoking Pennsylvania coalmining life around the turn of the 20th Century."

Parade? No parade. Doesn’t what Wolfe created compare with kicking a soccer ball?

But … no parade.

Yes, we love our women’s soccer team and in 2018, we will wish our men’s soc­cer team well (good luck with that) but we wish America and Americans would pay more attention to things that don’t involve kicking, hitting, running or throwing.