It can be good to be wrong

Well, we’ve been skeptics and it seems we were wrong.

We thought that hope for developing the Brox property was going to stand along­side hope for dredging Osgood Pond.

But we were wrong.

Here’s what our Kathy Cleveland wrote in last week’s Cabinet:

"MILFORD – Fifteen years after it pur­chased 270 acres in southwest Milford from the Brox Corp., the town has a buyer for most of the property zoned for indus­trial use."

Well, good for the town.

And good for the taxpayers.

OK, there’s some carping that the Mo­nadnock Development Corporation, a nonprofit company responsible for the revitalization of Keene, got a deal when it bought the 93 acres for "only" $168,000, which it will then sell to Stoneyard, Inc., a Littleton, Mass., manufacturing com­pany that will relocate to Milford, but we couldn’t really say. Hey, land that we thought might never be developed is go­ing to be developed and that’s good for Milford.

And for taxpayers.

A ratable is a ratable is a ratable and ratables mean more money in the town’s coffers.

So, good for Milford.

Even more good news: The buyer, not the town or taxpayers, is responsible for road improvements and water and sewer installation, according to Town Adminis­trator Mark Bender.

Excellent. That’s costly and, of course, would eventually need to be done.

But not by the town.

Well, we are skeptics no more and we gladly admit that we were wrong.

You know, sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

But we still don’t have a lot of faith in that dredging of Osgood Pond.

Call us skeptics …