Trump making things interesting

Sorry, we love Donald Trump.

Oh, we’re not going to suggest that any­one actually vote for him in our first in the nation primary, but we love the fact that he’s roiling the waters.

Somebody has to.

Primaries have become a bit boring. Generally, you pretty much know who the nominee is going to be, eventually (yes, yes, yes, 2008 was a big surprise for a lot of Democrats, but even there, long before the last primary, everyone knew it wasn’t going to be Hillary) so it’s fun to have something whacky to muck things up a bit.

Look, before Trump got to trumpeting himself all over the nation, there was a pretty good bet that the Republican presidential nominee was going to be Jeb Bush, the "safe" candidate.

Most of the other Republicans – the se­rious candidates – can’t be considered safe or middle of the road. Oh, they’re safe-ish in many cases, but who can be sure about any of them? None of them are really saying anything of great inter­est.

But with Trump sure to get into at least the first Republican debate, who knows what will happen?

He might cause the safe candidate, or one of the safe-ish ones to say either something interesting, stupid or inflam­matory.

In other words, only Trump is going to make that first debate worth watching.

But he’s kind of a one-trick pony: Immi­gration.

Recently we heard some radio host ask why no candidate had come out strongly with a plan to go after radical Islam and we wonder about that, too. Sure, immi­gration is a problem but on a smaller vio­lence scale than, for instance, ISIS.

So? Where’s the plan? Anybody? Hill­ary? Jeb? Ted? Somebody must have one.

Or maybe not. President Obama doesn’t, so why should any of these folks.

Maybe Bernie Sanders can socialize ex­tremists.

The first GOP debate will now be fun. It might not be very enlightening because candidates hate to be enlightening. It’s safer to say nothing or speak only in plati­tudes.

Trump won’t do that. Oh, much of what he says could be idiotic but so what? It will be great theater and isn’t that what American politics has always been?