Teen facility a needed addition

OK, we’re not going to go into all the details of how the state’s Community De­velopment Finance Authority’s invest­ment tax credit plan works because the details aren’t important: This is, though – through that plan, the Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley will get some money and with it will be able to expand enough to build a separate space for teenagers.

You might wonder why that’s important. Well, the club’s executive director, Susan Taylor, told our Kathy Cleveland last week, it’s because "teens aren’t staying with us."

The big problem is the layout of the club’s building, the old American Stage Festival space on Mont Vernon street: The teen center is in the middle of the building so in order to keep it open on nights or weekends, the entire building must be open. That’s a pain.

But the money from the state program will allow the club to build a separate fa­cility with its own entrance so that teens will find it more enticing.

And that’s important. Taylor attended a series of meetings in Hollis and Brookline focusing on young people and heard "over and over that they need safe places to go."

Well, few things, if any, are safer than the Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley.

So, the club will get tax credits from the state but won’t use them. The club will sell them to local businesses who will use them to get breaks on their business prof­its tax and the club will get cash to use on the teen space. That’s the gist; details we won’t give. You can find them in last week’s Cabinet story at www.cabinet.com.

All we care about is results and the re­sult of this grant from the state will be good for the boys and girls club, good for teenagers, and good for the community.

So … Good.