Thumbing the Files

109 years ago, 1909

The Lincoln Republican Club of Milford scheduled a public meeting at which Col. Winston Churchill, a candi­date for governor of New Hampshire, would speak.

The Laurel Band was engaged to play at the annual picnic at Hutchin­son’s Grove at Purgatory Falls.

A.F. Wheeler’s new show with cir­cus arrived in Milford from Amherst. A street parade took place and per­formances were given under canvas. Then the show left for Wilton. It was the first time in 30 years that a circus had been in Amherst. On the final day, kids were invited to ride ponies free of charge.

Nineteen employees of the B&M railroad came down with typhoid fever from drinking water at the West Canaan station. It was said that showed the necessity of testing water used from wells, no matter where they are located, so a number of test cases in Milford were submitted for exami­nation.

70 years ago, 1945

A group of returned veterans of overseas service in World War II, to­gether with veterans of other wars, met in Milford to formulate plans for a local chapter of the "Gold Stripe" vet­erans’ fraternity.

To be eligible, a person must have served in the armed forces under the American flag outside the continental U.S.

Milford celebrated the news that Japan had accepted an uncondition­al surrender. Mill whistles and bells sounded and impromptu parades were formed.

Richard Depuy left his Mont Vernon home for Fort Sampson, N.Y., for his basic training after signing up for four years in the Navy.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing "Escape in the Fog" with Nina Foch, William Wright and Otto Kruger. It was advertised as "evil fig­ures in a strange conspiracy to make a woman’s dream of death come true."

54 years ago, 1961

Members of Battery 2nd Howitzer Battalion, 172nd Artillery of Milford, a National Guard unit, were preparing to head for their annual summer field training at Camp Drum, N.Y.

More than 30 floats were entered in Milford’s Labor Day parade but VFW Post Cammander Chick Ciardelli was urging local businesses and organiza­tions to enter even more floats.

The Amherst Fire Department bat­tled what was called "a very brisk fire" at the Baboosic Lake dump.

Good weather was a contributing factor to the success of the annual festival sponsored by Sacred Heart Church in Wilton. Lobster rolls were featured at the snack bar. Mrs. Fred Paro was in charge.

The Town Hall Theater in Wilton was showing "The Sins of Rachel Cade" with Angie Dickinson and Peter Finch.

24 years ago, 1991

David Sullivan, a partner in the Wil­ton law firm of Cheever & Sullivan, was approved for a Superior Court judgeship by the Governor’s Executive Council.

Milford Teachers’ Association nego­tiator Sue Cross said the union filed a grievance for unfair labor practices against the School Board because con­tracts received by the teachers did not include any step increases.

Stuart and Bill Draper celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Draper Energy company in Wilton.

Dana G. Crowell, a 33-year-old for­mer town administrator of Belmont, was hird to be Amherst’s town admin­istrator.

The Hampshire Hills Seawolves swim team won its sixth consecutive Granite State Swim Association cham­pionship by nipping Peterborough by a single point, the closest margin in the 20-year history of the meet.