All should attend Milford parade

We don’t understand it.

So far, only a couple of presidential hopefuls have committed to attending the Milford Labor Day parade.

And Donald Trump, the current front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, is going to send his sons? What?

We don’t understand it because the parade, like Amherst’s July 4 parade, gives candidates a real chance to be seen, and perhaps even heard (well, that’s a long shot) by a lot of people, many of whom will vote in our first in the nation primary early next year.

But Donald Trump is sending the Trumptots? If they’re not carrying really big signs that proclaim, "I’m a Trump," no one is going to know who they are. Or care. And even if they are carrying those signs, still no one is going to care. Nobody’s going to consider voting for them (and, by the time the primary rolls around, perhaps nobody is going to vote for daddy Trump, either, but you never can tell.)

So right now we can look forward to seeing Carly Fiorina and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. Our hearts race at the thought.

Oh, and probably no Hillary Clinton. Well, she didn’t come in 2008, either, but Barack Obama did and … well, we’re not going to say he beat her for the Democratic nomination because he came to Milford but you never know.

And after the parade, the candidates could schmooze with folks at the VFW in Milford and that’s always good, but they can’t if they’re not here.

We don’t understand it. They’ll eat awful food at a fair in Iowa but they won’t march, or ride a float, through Milford and eat a burger at the VFW? They’d rather have Iowa fried butter, or whatever it is those folks eat?

We don’t understand it. But you know what? Candidates or no candidates, the parade is a lot of fun and you should go.

The theme this year is "Honoring Medical Corps and the Health Care Field," and they are deserving of honors.

In case you haven’t attended any of the other 66 Labor Day parades, it begins at 1 p.m. with bands, floats and politicians (and the Trumptots) stepping off from Milford High School, then down West Street to Elm, then to the Oval and around the Oval, over the Stone Bridge to the VFW.

It’s fun. Go. Hey, look what it did for Barack Obama.