Thumbing the Files

109 years ago, 1906

The state convention of the Order of the King’s Daughters was to meet in Amherst for two nights.

Work on the road between the foot of the Mont Vernon hill and the woods toward Milford was to begin, and it was expected that mud holes would be filled for a time with something, even if that something was rather soft. One thing was said to be certain: that it would require constant filling of ruts.

The grape crop of Charles Batchel­der, of Lyndeborough, was not harmed by recent frosts.

Thirty-one tuition pupils were attending Milford High School: four from Brookline, three from Ben­nington, 11 from Greenfield, five from Hancock, three from Harrisville, four from Mont Vernon, and one from Wilton.

70 years ago, 1945

The nation was preparing to return to standard time on Sept. 30 after four years on advanced war time. Clocks were to be set back one hour.

The eighth grade girls at Milford High School were canning and mak­ing jelly.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing "Three is a Family" with Fred Brady, Marjorie Reynolds and Cheryl Walker. The Town Hall Movies in Wilton was showing "Ghost Guns" with John Mack Brown and Raymond Hatton, plus "Power of the Whistler" with Richard Dix and Janis Carter.

Within a week, Joseph Carleton, of Mont Vernon, killed two black squir­rels. They had pure white breasts but the remaining pelt was jet black.

George S. Forbush, Jr., was elected president of the senior class at Wilton High School.

50 years ago, 1961

A course in public relations, taught by Prof. Byron Higgon, was being offered in Milford by Monadnock Community College at the town’s new senior high school.

In a talk to the Captain Josiah Crosby Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Milford, Cmdr. Paul H. Backus, a retired Navy officer, said that no rational person would start a nuclear war, but said that accidents could occur. He said the nation’s best defense was its Polaris submarine because it was concealed and had mobility.

Army PFC Brank Wilson of the Signal Corps. was on leave in Milford on his way to assignment at the Army weather research station in Green­land.

In his Rambling Reporter column, William Ferguson reported that Mil­ford’s Union Square was "strangely sedate and empty at noon" and said that part of the reason was that the three upper grades had moved to their new high school building on West street and that junior and senior high pupils were no longer allowed to leave school grounds at noon, "even for lunch."

24 years ago, 1991

After eight years, Austin Tichenor resigned as artistic director of Mil­ford’s American Stage Festival.

Speaking to the Milford-Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce, Gov. Judd Gregg ripped into the "dic­tatorship" of federal bureaucrats, criticized teachers’ unions for their resistance to change, and called for sex education and choice in public schools.

Carl Wetherbee was named super­intendent of the Wilton Recycling Center, replacing Pat Johannesen.

Barbara Boisvert, of Lyndebor­ough, compiled a 90-page cookbook of pumpkin recipes called "In Search of the Perfect Pumpkin (Recipe)."

Ben Tuttle, 12, son of Gary and Celia Tuttle, of Lyndeborough, caught a 35-pound king salmon while fishing on Lake Ontario