Bridge to past is worth saving

List us among what we believe will be hundreds of people, at least, who hope that the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance will list Milford’s Swing Bridge among its Seven to Save this year.

The bridge is a historic monument to Milford’s past, but is in need of repair, and as a consulting firm told the town, it could require closing in the next five to 10 years. That would be a shame.

Getting it on the Preservation Alli­ance’s list could go some way to avoiding that. Each year, the Seven to Save pro­gram picks seven endangered historic properties to spotlight. While no money is forthcoming because something is on the list, being on it helps, in theory, to attract new investment from people, perhaps even companies, concerned with historic preservation.

The list helps spread the word, in other words.

We believe the Swing Bridge is worth saving. For one thing, it’s pretty cool and, for first-time walkers, a little scary be­cause it swings. Really. If you’ve never walked on it, do. It swings, and you swing with it.

This summer, Milford lost another historic bridge, the Green Bridge that spanned the Souhegan River between Elm Street and North River Road, and that was a shame. But now we know for certain what can happen to historic struc­tures if no one steps up to save them.

Let’s step up for the Swing Bridge. Let’s get it on the Seven to Save list of the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance.