Good for business, good for all of us

We aren’t surprised: The Souhegan Val­ley Chamber of Commerce recently re­leased a report that said, in essence, that local businesses are doing well, espe­cially in increased full-time employment caused by growth in demand and because of business expansion.

We aren’t surprised because this area of New Hampshire has always been busi­ness-positive with businesses that work to­gether and with a Chamber of Commerce that has always been of help to them.

But we also aren’t surprised that some businesses had issues with clogged roads, housing costs and the lack of public trans­portation. These issues have been with us for many years and there doesn’t seem to be much hope of them going away.

It seems unlikely, for instance, that our road infrastructure will be able to keep up with the ever-increasing number of cars that go through our towns. That might seem a bit odd, given that there is a problem with the cost of housing, but somehow, people still seem to find a way to live here and, obviously, drive here.

And because this is a desirable area, the cost of housing isn’t likely to go down. When there is great demand, prices tend to go up and stay up. That’s a conundrum, of course: We want there to be great de­mand because it means our area is de­sirable, but we want people to be able to afford to live here, and many who work here must live elsewhere when they’d rather be here.

And public transportation? Not in the forseeable future or, really, even in the distant future. The local Blue Bus does a wonderful job for senior citizens, but we doubt there is any transportation com­pany looking to start runs between our towns and Nashua and Manchester.

If you are a fan of our Thumbing the Files column, you will have read about railroads that ran commuter and vaca­tion trains through this region on a reg­ular basis. What a wonderful time that must have been – relax and ride, even to Boston, and many fewer cars on the road.

But of course, progress changes things.

Still, the tone of the chamber’s recent report was overwhelmingly positive de­spite these issues, and that is, of course, good news for all of us. It’s something of a cliche, of course, but what’s good for busi­ness is generally good for all of us.