Need for MCAA volunteers severe

It’s hard to be a volunteer. And the Mil­ford Community Athletic Association will tell you it also is hard to find volunteers.

Volunteering for any organization takes time and effort, and while many people are willing to give the latter, many don’t have as much of the former as they used to.

The MCAA told The Cabinet last week that they are in desperate need of volun­teers to help with their youth sports pro­grams. "We continually ask for help, but it turns into background noise," MCAA President Kevin Doyle said.

Well, to some extent that’s undoubtedly true, but there is another problem: time. Parents seem to have less and less of it. It’s as if they are constantly taking their children somewhere, and no doubt that "somewhere" is often to an MCAA sport. The problem is, though, that they might have to take another child to another event and can’t commit to one thing with­out taking away from another.

Volunteering for any organization usu­ally involves nighttime commitment, and we understand why parents can be loathe to jump in. If they’re driving their kids around during the day, they probably hope the night is for them. Well, after they’ve made dinner, helped the kids with their homework and gotten them into bed.

Too, the MCAA realizes that once kids become too old for its program, parents leave with them. What to do? You know, we’re not sure. Of course, we urge parents to step up. If something were to happen to the MCAA, it would be a huge loss to the area. This is a great organization with a great history, and it seldom calls out for help.

That it is doing so now is an indication of how desperate the need must be. All we can suggest is finding a way to make it easier for parents to find the time to help, perhaps by increasing the size of the board of directors so that a parent might only have to be involved once or twice a month. We don’t know if that will work, but one thing we do know:

It’s human nature to not react until it is too late and then say, "Oh, we didn’t real­ize it was THAT serious." Well, folks, it is.