Help find driver who hit woman

Can you imagine this: Your daughter is crossing a street in Milford, is struck and injured by a pickup truck driven by a man around 30 or younger. Your daughter gets his attention, he agrees that he struck her and then he drives off.

This was the gist of a letter from Brian Shattuck that appeared in last week’s Cabinet.

As of this writing, the driver has not come forward, and Shattuck has not indicated to us that the man has been found by police.

We know they’ll look for him, and we know any of you who can help find him will do so.

What we wonder is: What kind of creep would just drive away like that? He hit a woman, she slid across his front bumper and was thrown to the pavement. But he drove away, not knowing how badly in­jured she might have been.

Oh, she was able to get up and get his at­tention, so perhaps he assumed she was fine. But so what? First of all, he had no way of knowing for sure. Lots of accident victims seem fine at first but later collapse.

Second, any decent person would have immediately stopped, gotten out of his truck and offered help. Clearly, we are not dealing with a decent person.

Shattuck is asking the public for help, and gave a phone number for Milford Po­lice Officer Mike Lacure of 249-0630, Ext. 308, in case you saw something or in case you have a business that might have a camera that picked up something.