2016 candidates must answer this:

The next time a presidential candidate is nearby – and that will be soon – ask her or him this question:

What are you going to do about Islamic terrorists?

Right now, nothing else matters.

The economy? Friends, our economy is affected by Islamic terrorism. Just ask Wall Street. Our economy is part of the world economy, and when the world is unstable, economies are unstable.

So, presidential hopefuls, what’s your plan?

Rand Paul has one: Pull the covers over our heads and pretend that if we just do nothing, they’ll leave us alone. Good plan.

Donald Trump has a plan: Bomb the (expletive) out of them. OK, let’s. But who? And what? It isn’t World War II, when we could carpet bomb a city and knock out the machines of war – railroads, factories, ship­yards. To attack ISIS, what do we bomb?

Suppose we carpet bomb Damascus. Will that accomplish anything? Or will it just send more recruits to ISIS?

No, of course we don’t have the answer, but we aren’t running for president, we aren’t trying to become the woman or man who will keep the rest of us safe.

So, Hillary and Carly, Marco and Jeb, what’s the plan?

Let’s ask them, and let’s really expect an answer. If we don’t get one, guess what they don’t get: our votes.