Voice opinion on bus service

As Julie Andrews sang in "My Fair Lady," "Wouldn’t it be loverly?"

She wasn’t talking about the idea of expanded bus service for southern New Hampshire, including the Souhegan Val­ley, but we are. In last week’s Cabinet, there was a brief item about the Nashua Regional Planning Commission working with the Nashua Transit System to study the idea of expanding bus service, and you can help them to decide what to do by completing a survey.

We hope you will, because we love the idea of more bus service out here, we love the idea of being able to get to Nashua and back without having to drive, without having to jockey for a parking space.

To find the survey, you can email Mark Connors at markc@nashuaarpc.org, go directly to the survey at www.survey monkey.com/r/MTSPlan or (lots of choices here, folks) go to the Nashua Transit web­site at www.ridebigblue.com. Or go to all three; we don’t mind.

Now, we assume two things about such surveys:

1. The folks who will bother to fill them out will be folks who really like the idea of taking a bus. Great. Do it.

2. The folks who don’t care, who will never take a bus, who will always drive, won’t bother to take the survey.

So, really, any such survey is skewed in favor of such a proposal.

But the folks who will be looking at the survey know that. What they’re looking for is the volume of interest (at least, we think they are). If, for instance, only 10 people in the Souhegan Valley fill out the survey, they will assume there isn’t much interest in buses, and we wouldn’t blame them.

That’s why it is important for everyone who likes taking a bus to take the survey. Numbers count. The bus folks don’t want to develop a plan that isn’t of interest.

We went to the Nashua Transit website, but couldn’t find the survey. That isn’t good, but perhaps that’s on us; perhaps it was there and we just didn’t see it.

But it is easy to find at the Surveymon­key site if you type in all those slashes and what follows them. And it’s a quick survey. We took it. You should, too.