Nine years later, he still wants answers to this burning question

If you are a long-time read­er of The Cabinet, you will re­member reporter Daymond Steer, who did many fine sto­ries for our paper but who might be most remembered for asking Hillary Clinton the UFO question.

Clinton came to The Cabi­net in 2007 and was inter­viewed by Steer, then-editor Michael Cleveland and then-assistant editor Kathy Cleve­land. It was a fairly typical interview until the very end when, as Clinton rose to leave, Steer said, "Wait, what about the UFO question?"

Clinton immediately sat down and began discussing unidentified flying objects.

A few weeks ago, Steer and Clinton did it again. Now working for The Conway Dai­ly Sun, Steer was involved in an interview with Clin­ton and, just when everyone thought the interview was over, Steer pulled out his UFO question and Clinton, again, answered it in full.

This time, though, the whole thing went viral and was picked up not only na­tionally, but in England.

Quoted in the Conway pa­per, Clinton said:

"Yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it."

Well, OK, then, but we seem to remember she said that in 2007 at The Cabinet. Of course, she didn’t win the presidency, so perhaps that’s why we still don’t have an answer about UFOs.

We do know this, though: Daymond isn’t going to let this go, and you can bet that if Donald Trump ever drops in at The Conway Daily Sun, he won’t get out of the build­ing without hearing:

"Wait, what about the UFO question?"

From those of us still at The Cabinet to Daymond:

We miss you, kid, but we’re damn glad you’re still in the business.