Message clear, but not to Globe

Jeff Jacoby is one of the Boston Globe’s most interesting columnists. He writes well, he flies in the face of the Globe’s liberal editorial policies (policies with which we generally agree) and more often than not, he thinks clearly.

Not, however, the day after the New Hampshire presidential primary. On that day, as was clear from his column, his thinking was, to be kind, nutty. The headline said "NH GOP wrecks its rep," and it fairly summed up the content of Jacoby’s column in which he excoriated Granite State Republican voters for selecting Donald Trump, who, he wrote, used "lewd language at campaign rallies" and embraced "the torture of terror suspects."

Now, we don’t agree with Trump on much, but Jacoby missed the point of the Republicans, who, by giving Trump a plurality, if not a majority, of their votes, were sending a message to the rest of the GOP: "We are sick of you taking care of your wealthy friends at the expense of the middle class. We want universal health care even if you party hacks don’t, and frankly, we think you’re doing a lousy job running the country. We don’t want traditional Democrats any more than we want you, so we chose Trump, and our counterparts among Democrats here in New Hampshire chose a socialist. So, nationwide GO, wise up and stop taking care of yourselves at our expense." Well, that probably isn’t an exact quote, but it’s closer to reality than what Jacoby averred when he wrote that in giving Trump a plurality, New Hampshire Republicans had "stained, perhaps permanently, their reputation for discernment." The next day, other Globe columnists piled on, agreeing with how dorky we are. They were wrong. What New Hampshire voters did, was send a clear message to the national parties of avarice, to wit: Enough. We think voters should be proud. We are. And you know who (or what) agrees? That bastion of right-wing nuttiness, The New York Post, which said this in an editorial: "Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’ resounding wins in New Hampshire drive the lesson home: American voters are fed up with conventional politicians and desperate for something new."

Well, New Hampshire voters are. We aren’t so sure of the rest of the nation. Let’s see what happens in South Carolina, where some look only to see which candidate is closest to God (Ted Cruz). And can you see Southern states going for Sanders? Trump? We fear that it will be the same ol’, same ol’. Hey, at least Jeff Jacoby and his Globemates will be happy.