Voice opinion, get out to vote

Good for you, voters of Amherst – at least the 450 or so who attended the Souhegan School District Deliberative Session and defeated an attempt to cut the district’s budget. And, David Chen, what the heck were you thinking? Mr. Chen first: The Souhegan School Board member said that more foreign language offerings could be cut from the curriculum because the Internet is making English the dominant world language. That’s a terrible way to view the world, and a disservice to the students who would benefit from having learned another language. Dear Mr. Chen: Learning is good. Now, the defeat at the Deliberative Session of the move to cut the budget does not mean the budget is safe. No, the final decision rests with those of you who come to the polls on voting day. And there is one thing we know: Those who want to cut will be there in droves, so the question is, will those of you who want to preserve the budget show up? Folks, you must. It’s bad enough that the initial fight was left to fewer than 500 people at the Deliberative Session. You can’t do the same in March. You must vote. The same can be said for the folks in Milford who support expansion of the library as do seven of the nine members of the town’s Advisory Budget Committee. Initially, the committee had voted 6-3 against the plan, but voted again the day after the town’s Deliberative Session, and several members switched sides. The Milford selectmen voted 4-1 to oppose the library plan and have not, to date, changed their votes. Now, there are those in town who are not crazy about the proposed design of the new building, but there are few who doubt that the library needs to grow. If this is the best design available, and if the library trustees like it, that should swing the doubters. The Advisory Budget Committee swung.