Airing meetings is not a waste

So, Milford’s Water and Wastewater Commission doesn’t want Granite Town Media to televise its meetings, claiming it would be a waste of time and money because few people are interested. Too bad. That’s no excuse. Fortunately, the selectmen don’t seem to buy it any more than we do. As selectmen’s Chairman Tim Finan pointed out, Granite Town Media has to be free to televise everything, or any board could ban the televisers from a meeting, even a very important one. No one thinks the water board is doing anything terribly secret or nefarious in its meetings, but that’s all the more reason not to object to televising them. Selectman Mike Putnam, who is also a member of the water board, said he doesn’t think the meetings are "valuable enough," whatever that means, to justify the cost of televising them. He also said this: "If people started watching, they’d agree." Well, sure, but isn’t that up to the people watching? Putnam can’t speak for everyone. "We are as transparent as they come," Putnam said. "Anyone can come to our meetings." Great, but that isn’t the point. Once you start televising any meetings in a community, you have to be free to televise them all. Indeed, you really should televise everything just to be sure that one day a board won’t say, "Well, you don’t televise everybody, so you don’t have to televise us, either." Indeed, why does the water and wastewater board care? Leave it to Granite Town Media. And if it turns out that the cost is prohibitive, which we doubt, then revisit it.