Team knows the Constitution

Remember the 1940s and ’50s, when the New York Yankees were almost always world champions? Remember the mantra "Break up the Yankees?" Well, maybe the breaker-upper folks should be taking a hard look at Milford High School’s We the People Constitution team, which won the state championship again. Again. And – again – the team will represent New Hampshire in the national competition in April in Washington, D.C. Who is teacher Dave Alcox? Casey Stengel? He coaches the MHS team the way Casey coached the Bronx Bombers: to win all the time. In the last 18 years, Milford’s team has won the state contest 14 times. People, that is Yankee-like when the Yankees had Mickey and Yogi or Babe and Lou. It makes you think of other New Hampshire high schools as we used to think of the Boston Red Sox of Ted Williams and … some other guys. Or the Cleveland Indians of Lary Doby and Herb Score. Or the Detroit Tigers of Don Mossi and Frank Lary. As the great Leo Durocher claimed to have said, "Nice guys. Finish last." Notice the placement of the period. It was Leo’s attempt to rewrite history, claiming he was talking about a National League team of nice guys who always finished last. He really did say "Nice guys finish last." Anyway … Milford High School has a team of nice kids who finish first in a contest that takes serious knowledge. Good for them. Good for Dave Alcox. Now, go win the national title.