Wilton Recycling Center has value

The Wilton Recycling Center is an absolute gem, and whatever it takes to keep it solvent should be done. We wouldn’t even be pondering this if it weren’t for the possibility that Greenville, one of the five towns that participate in the center – which dates to the early 1970s – would withdraw. We don’t know why, unless it’s a money issue, but we hope the town stays involved. To counter the possible loss of Greenville and its monetary contribution, the center is thinking about issuing stickers to the towns’ residents, something that was done several years ago. Our story didn’t say how the stickers would make up for the loss of Greenville funds, but we assume that money would be raised by using them, somehow. The stickers will also allow recycling center personnel to ensure that only residents of member towns use the center. Now? How? People drive in, and unless center workers ask everyone for proof of residence, pretty much anyone can dump anything the center accepts. Whatever the towns need to do to ensure that the Wilton Recycling Center keeps on truckin’ is all right with us. It is of great value to its member communities, and gives residents some real recycling lessons. This is no toss-it-and-hope-for-the-best center, folks. It’s serious recycling. So, Wilton, Lyndeborough, Mason, Temple and, we hope, Greenville, do whatever it takes.