Swing and a miss for

John Kasich missed a chance to make his mark.

In last week’s Republican presidential debate, he had a chance to say the one thing that absolutely would have set him apart from the other three candidates, and he either didn’t realize it or just couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Here is what we mean: Each of the four candidates was asked if he would support the eventual Republican nominee. Each, including Kasich, said he would. Bad move on his part, because right now, he has little chance of being that nominee, so he has little to lose by taking a bold stand.

When the moderator asked if he would support the eventual nominee, he could have, and should have, said:

"I knew, of course, that the question would be asked, and I have been thinking about it for some time. I decided to spend a bit of time listening to what my three opponents said in tonight’s debate before coming to a conclusion. Now I have.

"You asked if I would support the even­tual nominee if it were either Mr. Trump, Senator Rubio or Senator Cruz. After lis­tening to them tonight, and having heard them in previous debates, my answer must be an unequivical and resounding no, and I will explain why succinctly.

"These three gentlemen, in their de­meanor tonight and in the past, have em­barrassed themselves, embarrassed the Republican Party and, more to the point, embarrassed their country. On the as­sumption that I am not the nominee and that it is one of these three, I tell you now that I will not endorse that nominee under any circumstances. I will return to Ohio and be, happily, the governor of that great state and remain on the sidelines in the November election as, I am convinced, will many of my fellow Republicans.

"And given the conduct of these three men in these debates and on the cam­paign trail, who could blame us?"

Kasich would have gotten a standing ovation. But, like Casey at the Bat, he missed the pitch.