We will miss Linda Foster

In the days since the death of Mont Vernon’s Linda Foster, we’ve read and heard a number of tributes – many of them, if not most, about her dedication and devotion to her town, her state, the Democratic Party and life in general, especially when it came to the welfare of those less fortunate. But many of us, while remembering Linda for those things, will think of her always in this way:

In a time in our nation’s history when common decency seems like something out of romantic fiction, Linda Foster was truly a decent person. We liked her enormously. As Peter Bragdon, of Milford, a former state senator and representative, told us last week, "When we disagreed, it was always a cordial and respectful conversation, regardless of which one of us won that day." Cordial and respectful are certainly two words that describe Linda Foster, but here’s another:

Tough. Oh, tough in a cordial and respectful way, for sure, but Linda Foster was somebody who, when she believed in something, she was willing to fight for it. But in a cordial and respectful way, invariably. We are going to miss Linda, and we know her town and her state will too.