Happy 100th birthday to wonderful publisher, editor Bill Rotch

Bill Rotch turns 100 years old at the end of this month, and those of us who had the privilege of working with him at The Cabinet wish him well and another 100 years.

What some of us remember most about Bill during his tenure as either publisher or editor – or both – of The Cabinet was his ability to remain unruffled regardless of what might be happening, and that included some mistakes made by his reporters or his editors.

To them, the mistake, regardless of how major or how minor, often seemed like the end of the world, but Bill had a way of calming things down, of making each mistake seem to be one of those "Gosh, these things happen and while we wish they didn’t, they do. Now let’s correct it" moments, and that spared a lot of us a lot of grief. And Bill always managed to make a new reporter or editor feel welcome and right at home. He seemed to really want us there, he seemed to think that we all had something to contribute no matter how green or untrained we might have been. He made us believe we could do a good job for The Cabinet, and because we knew he always wanted to do a good job, it made us all try harder. Really, we wanted to please Bill Rotch. We never wanted him to think, "What has this reporter done to my paper?"