Sad reality of financial need

Share’s Empty Bowls event Sunday raised money to help feed the hungry in Amherst, Milford, Mont Vernon and Brookline.

But the sad reality is that many people in every region of the United States don’t have enough to eat, and that is why we need food pantries and welfare and food stamps, and why we need organizations like Share and events like Empty Bowls. But baseball players, some of whom are awful, make millions of dollars each year, and their money is guaranteed, even if they can’t do the job. In the real world, if you can’t do the job, you lose it, and you don’t have enough to eat and you need Share or the Wilton Open Cupboard food pantry.

And it isn’t just money for food that’s lacking. Milford schools are so lacking in funds that officials are thinking of charging kids to play sports and the town is so in need of money that it is pondering a "pay as you throw" trash disposal system. Pay to play has been around in many towns, and it, like pay as you throw, isn’t a terrible idea. Usually, there are exceptions, or "scholarships," for kids whose families can’t afford to pay for them to play. The pity here is that towns, and people, are in these situations. For Milford schools and the town, it’s because, again, budgets were shot down at the polls, forcing cuts and forcing the schools and the town to seek alternate revenue sources.

And we wouldn’t be surprised if people who voted against the budgets scream the loudest about pay to play or pay as you throw, perhaps not seeing the correlation. Which brings us back to the unfortunate need for an Empty Bowls event. It’s a wonderful thing that Share and other food pantries do, but it’s sad that they need to do it. Aren’t we a land of plenty? Well, a land of plenty of millionaires who play games for a living or who get millions in what used to be called golden parachutes when they left their corporate offices, even when they left at the end of a swift kick to the fanny because they weren’t terribly competent, which brings us back to baseball, which … Oh, never mind. It’s just that it would certainly be a better world if news stories could report that everyone has enough to eat.

And schools had enough money, and towns could pave the roads and … As the Everly Brothers once sang, "All I have to do is dream …"