It’s how it is – so quitcher whinin’

Now that the charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, of New Hampshire, have been dropped, can we move on from this absurdity?

Anyone who has been a reporter for more than 10 minutes and has covered an event at which there was a prominent person, particularly a politician, who has been bumped, shoved, manhandled, grabbed and moved out of the way by somebody, usually somebody who likes to stand in the light of the prominent person, or who just doesn’t think reporters are important, or who thinks that the reporter, at that particular time, is being a pain.

And it usually isn’t personal. But press assault charges? When reporters around the world are being killed? Usually reporters just kvetch, often at the bar after the event, and say things like, "That moron shoved me out of the way. What a jerk." Substitute stronger language for "moron" and "jerk," and you’d have it about right.

But we live in the New Age of Litigation, in which people demand some sort of legal recourse for something that we all used to think of as just part of the game. Stick a microphone in a candidate’s face when he’s trying to get out of the building and you could very well get shoved out of the way. No big deal. Nothing personal. Just wait until the next event and stick the microphone in his face again.

So, let’s move on and pretend that reporters will understand that in what is clearly an adversarial job, shoving, grabbing, bumping and manhandling are just part of the game. Annoying and stupid, but not something to go all legalistic about.