Give peace a chance

"Go out yonder, peace in the valley

"Come downtown, have to rumble in the alley

"Oh, you don’t know the shape I’m in."

That’s from "The Shape I’m In" on The Band’s "Stage Fright" album, but it sounds like a refrain for the national Re­publican Party – the party led by Donald Trump.

Oh, it’s not spot on, of course, because for the GOP, we aren’t sure that "peace" isn’t an illusion and that the "rumble" is still going to be the reality.

Same with the Democrats, of course, but for them, we think this old Pete Seeger union song might be more apropos:

"Which side are you on, boys,

"Which side are you on."

Well, it’s been fun so far for the observ­er, but for the parties’ faithful?