‘Respect for Earth’ worth noting

Oh, the irony:

Someone we know found on the side of the road something that most people would call litter, but what, apparently, the person who tossed it from his or her car seems to think is … well, we aren’t sure.

The litter? Why, an empty Natural American Spirit cigarette package with, of course, a picture of a headdress-wearing Native American smoking what, in old Western movies, was called a peace pipe.

But here’s the irony: The package contains the phrase "Respect for the Earth," a sentiment obviously not adopted by the smoker who tossed it out his or her car window. Perhaps the smoker thought that because the package says "The paper inner lining in this pack makes your pack more recyclable without compromising the freshness of the tobacco," it would be cool to toss it. Smokers are, after all, cool. Or so they think.

What’s wrong with people? You want to smoke? Smoke. Who cares? It’s your life. And death. But keep your stupid trash in your car. Don’t embarrass yourself any more than you have to.

Oh, and dear smoker, why not read the message on the side of your Earth-loving ciggie package that says: "Surgeon General’s warning: Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health."

And heed the warning of the cosmos: He, or she, who litters is an enemy of Earth and all who inhabit her.

Smoke away, though.