72-hour wait just doesn’t fly

>So here is, apparently, what far too many Republican office holders, particu­larly those in Congress, think is a good idea:

Letting people on the "No Fly" list buy semi-automatic weapons.

Think this through:

You’re considered too nutty to get on an airplane, but not nutty enough to keep you weaponless.

Right. Very sensible.

By the time you read this, Congress might actually have gotten off of its flab­by keister and changed the law so that people who aren’t sane enough to fly will be deemed not sane enough to go armed. We fear, though, that they might seek some nitwit "compromise," like not sane enough to fly but sane enough to only have to wait 72 hours to arm yourself for slaughter.

Oh, well, just brilliant.

Seriously, should we pity people who think that makes sense?